Microsoft Windows 8 training x
  • Introduction to Windows 8
  • A first look at the Windows Start screen
  • Navigating around Windows 8
  • What are apps and how do I add new ones?
  • Live Titles
    • What are Live titles
    • How to Turn on/Off the Live Title
  • Making the tiles smaller/bigger
  • Switching between apps
  • Closing apps
  • Customising the Windows Start screen
    • Viewing all available apps
    • Pinning apps to the start screen
    • Unpinning apps from the start screen
  • Locking your PC
  • Signing out
  • Changing your account picture
  • Exploring the charms bar
    • Shutting down/restarting your PC
    • Switching back to the Windows Start screen
    • Volume Controls
    • Brightness
    • Configuring WiFi
  • Where has the desktop gone?
    • Windows Explorer/File Explorer
  • Where has Microsoft Media Player gone?

Live online courses

Windows 8 training

If you or your organisation are thinking of switching
to the latest Microsoft operating system, you might want to learn about its new functions first.

Free online learning on Windows 8

This short free training session in virtual classroom - CloudRooms™ - will help you understand what's different in Windows 8. Interact with our trainers, get instant answers to your questions, take part in online exercises and be confident in using the new Windows 8 on your PC and tablet.

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